RSU Pimtara Estetica


Overview of the center

Pimtara Estetica is a complete beauty center. It provides a wide range of beauty solutions and a new approach to beauty creation which can allow you to turn back the clock for at least 10 years. We combine laser technology with scientific skin solutions. The entire expert team is highly experienced and skilled to provide you with exceptional treatment results.

Your total appearance can be further enhanced with highly trained and experienced team of dermatologists for holistic beauty treatment to rectify your problems including facial brightening, melasma, total facelift, and injections and acne scar treatment, overall improvement of your skin tone and correct any imperfections, reduction of any signs of aging.

You will feel rejuvenated with our complete treatment programs in all areas of skin and beauty treatments to achieve an overall result that you desire.

Our Services

  • Beauty services
  • Laser to brighten and lift the face
  • Treatment of freckles, tattoos and various dark spots
  • Treatment of acne and acne scars
  • Slimming, lifting and tightening the body
  • Botox Filler
  • Mesotherapy
  • Facial treatment with oxygen, precious stones and a massage
  • Minor Plastic Surgery